"B-bloody 'eel! Somethin' just ran 'cross me leg!"
Andy as he enters the water. [src]

Andy is a member of Anne Bonny's pirate crew, appearing in Tales of the Witchblade Issue 1.

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Island of the Witchblade Edit

After Anne finds a treasure map, Andy and his fellow crew mates, accompanied her as they travelled to the mysterious island. As they explore the island they find it to be unusually alive. When they get deeper into the jungle, one of the crew mates named James is grabbed by a bunch of vines. He's then eaten by a giant carnivorous Venus flytrap much to the horror of his crew mates.

Even with loss of James, the crew continues their journey. Suddenly, they hear the sound of cannons and Anne suspects that Blackbeard has tracked them down and attacked their ship. She then tells Rico to go back to the beach and signal them as soon as he sees the enemies. As Rico turns around to go the beach, the ground comes to life and buries him together with his monkey.

Eventually they comes across a mound of bones and treasures close to a waterfall. On top of it is the Witchblade, emanating a light that seems to be the force behind why the jungle is so alive and so dangerous. Andy and another crew mate decides to go the mound and take the Witchblade. As Andy enters the water, he senses something touching his leg. When his fellow crew mate reaches the mound and he puts on the Witchblade, it proceeds to blow off his arm. As Anne sees a pack of panthers emerge from the water, she tells Andy to immediately come back. Before he can do that, the panthers attack him and shred him to pieces.

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