"Talk, talk, talk. Why is it all you Americans ever do is talk? In Russia there is not so much talking."
Brunt to Sara. [src]

Josef Skala, better known as Brunt is a criminal appearing in Top Cow and Marvel crossover, Witchblade/The Punisher.

Biography Edit

Witchblade/The Punisher Edit

In order to get out of the prison, Brunt decided to turn State's evidence against the Russian mafia, which marks him for death. To keep him in check inside the prison transfer truck, Sara Pezzini and Patrick Gleason accompanied him. Brunt questions why the authorities sent Sara to look over him. Sara answers that is probably because she's responsible for apprehending him in the first place and is capable of taking care of herself.

Gleason then notices that they have slow down and asks the driver what happened. The driver Tony answers, that they encountered a fallen tree and will go to clear the road. Frank Castle, dressed as a guard, replaces the driver and brings them to a remote barn in the woods. The Punisher at gunpoint orders Gleason and Sara to give him his gun, but Pezzini explains that she isn't carrying one. Holding Sara and Gleason at gunpoint, he forces them to handcuff one another and brings them inside a nearby barn. He then also brings Brunt too and prepares to kill him.

Sara tries to talk Frank out of this, telling that Brunt is much more valuable alive. Frank refuses to listen to Sara, revealing that Brunt is linked to at least one hundred and nine murders. Sara tells that she took an oath to uphold the law and proceeds to call upon the power of the Witchblade to free herself and Gleason out of cuffs and attack the Punisher. Frank then smacks Sara over the face, but before he can shoot her, he's stop by Gleason. As Gleason orders Frank to drop the gun, Brunt breaks his cuffs and attacks Sara.

Seeing Gleason to be distracted, Frank attacks him. Meanwhile, Witchblade stops and incapacitates Brunt. As it begins to strangle him, Sara manages to call off the Witchblade. Brunt then pins Sara down to the ground and begins choking her. Frank then come behind him and empties a shotgun into Brunt's head.

Powers Edit

  • Enhanced Strength: Combined with immense size and cyber enhancements, Burnt possesses incredible strength. During the encounter with the Punisher, Brunt was able to break out from metal cuffs and pinned empowered Sara to the ground.

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