Zanipolo Joyce - better known as Butcher Joyce - is a mob cleaner appearing in Unholy Union comic series.

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Unholy Union Edit

Jackie Estacado and Butcher Joyce go to a bar to celebrate, Jackie avoiding prison. His lawyer, Matt Murdock who saw that he's innocent, helps Jackie to come clean. At the bar they meet Sara Pezzini and Danielle Baptiste who came to eat here. Jackie notices Sara's pregnancy and the latter warns him to stay out of trouble. Sara and Danielle then walk away, when suddenly Pezzini hears something.

Out of nowhere, Ghost Rider breaks through the window into the bar, looking for Jackie. As Jackie has escaped the law, he will bring him to his own judgement. The Ghost Rider then attacks Jackiie. Seeing this, Butcher grabs Sara and Danielle drags them to safety. As they reach the door, they notice Bruce Banner, who came to the bar to have a drink. Because of the fight, he loses control and turns into Hulk.

Hulk attacks both Jackie and Ghost Rider, throwing them through the wall into the street. Hulk remembers Jackie and grabs him by the head. Back at the bar, Danielle gets out to help Jackie by using Witchblade. Butcher wants to stop her, but Sara tells him to let her help. They then watch as Jackie and Dani fight Hulk and Ghost Rider.

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