Cloneblade Gauntlet

Cloneblade Gauntlet



Before the Great Quake, the NswF studied the Witchblade and used their research to create a biological copy of it, dubbed a Cloneblade. Cloneblades possess many of the same powers as the Witchblade, but, in truth, are just cheap imitations of the original. Known Cloneblade Sisters include Reina Soho, Shiori Tsuzuki, and Nora. A human equipped with a cloneblade bears a silver bracelet with a blue jewel on their left wrist.
Cloneblade Bracelet

Inactive Cloneblade

The Cloneblades are used by both the NswF and Douji Group. The NswF equips the cloneblades onto their Neogenes while the Douji Group equips them on the X-Cons.

The style of transformation differs between the two organizations, as the the Cloneblades are equipped to one gender. The NswF Neogenes are all female and wear body armor when transformed (the armor differs for each wielder)
Cloneblade Sisters

Cloneblade Sisters

as the Douji Group uses only male cadavers to create the X-Cons, whom of which appear as machines instead of humans (as Doji mass produces an X-Con to the extent that said X-Con can appear to have clones of itself).

Dual ClonebladeEdit

Later research led to the creation of much stronger Dual Cloneblades: Two Cloneblades being wielded at once by the same person. Known Dual Clonebalde Sisters, from the second generation only, include Maria, Aoi, and Asagi. A human equipped with a Dual Cloneblade bears ornate, silver bracelets with purple jewels on both wrists.
Maria Cloneblade Arms
Dual Cloneblade Bracelet

Inactive Dual Cloneblade

Dual Blade Sisters

Aoi, Maria, and Asagi as Dual Cloneblade Sisters

Cloneblade Hosts

All Cloneblade Hosts.


  • Inactive Cloneblades appear to have only three fingers.