"Confer to me Bastet's essence so shall I be for all times hence!"
Genvieve while using the idol. [src]

Idol of Bastet is an artifact featured in Witchblade/Tomb Raider.

History Edit

Witchblade/Tomb Raider Edit

The idol was found by Lara Croft and Buck Ogden, who discovered it in the Shrine of Bastet. It was then brought to London museum were it was stolen by Genvieve LeCavalier. She then used the idol to summon Bastet, much to her surprise. Genvieve is confused as the idol was supposed to empower her, instead of summoning Bastet. She then decides to ask Bastet to keep her out of jail. Bastet accomplishes this by sending her pet lion to kill her.

As Genvieve's men run away, Lara and Sara confront Bastet. Using the Witchblade, Sara incapacitates Bastet's pet lion. Bastet immediately recognizes the Witchblade, having encountered it before. She challenges Sara to one-one fight, but Lara snatches the idol and traps Bastet in it again. Lara then decides to lock the idol away.

Capabilities Edit

The idol primary and only ability is to summon or imprison the ancient Egyptian goddess, Bastet. Any ordinary human being can use the idol.

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