Masane Amaha
Masane 2232
Gender Female
Occupation Former:
Douji Group Indsutries
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Height 5'5"
Bust 98 cm
Waist 59 cm
Hip 90 cm
Likes Rihoko Amaha (Adopted Daughter)
Reiji Takayama (Lover)
Dislikes NswF

Masane Amaha (天羽 雅音 Amaha Masane) real name Ohara Yasuka was chosen by the Witchblade during the Great Quake that sunk a part of Tokyo. Introduced as a woman on the fringes of society, she and Rihoko were kicked out of a domestic shelter. Soon afterwards, they were being chased by the NswF's Child Welfare agency.They fled to the recovering Tokyo, where, soon after arriving, they were found and brought in for questioning and negotiations. After some debate, she relinquishes custody of Rihoko to the NswF, but soon afterwards, she has a change of heart and tries to take Rihoko back.


Masane is usually seen in a yellow shirt with a black, sports bra underneath that reveals her belly and belly button, and blue jeans with the Witchblade on her right wrist. Her first transformation is when she has black and red armor, and her eyes become black and yellow, and her hair becomes red. Her second and final, true transformation gives her red and purple armor, and her eyes become purple and pink and her hair becomes white.

Witchblade InvolvementEdit

After the Great Quake, which killed thousands of Japanese, she was found with the Witchblade around her wrist (actually inside her wrist) and complete amnesia, not knowing who she was or what had transpired. She was recovered at Ground Zero, the epicenter of the Great Quake. As she tries to get Rihoko back, she ends up in an car accident, arrested and sent to South Asagaia Detention Center where she later encounters her first Ex-Con which is attracted to her. As the rogue Ex-Con prepares himself to kill Masane, the Witchblade activates and begins to transform Masane and encases her with a black armor.


Masane is very determined when she sets her mind to things, although, at times, she can be laid back and a little negligent over what she does. Before the Great Quake, she once lived in a shelter where she was known as Yasuka Ohara. She is also the mother of Rihoko Amaha.


When the Witchblade is activated, it enhances and augments her fighting ablitity, giving her a retractable blade on her right arm, and gives her four, whip-like attachments, which can extend to great lengths, from her hair. When Masane is transformed to the Witchblade's full potential, other than that of a simple bracelet, Masane loses most, if not all, her control over her body and is filled with a strong, natural desire to fight and destroy. Thus, the Witchblade makes her an ultimately pure, killing weapon.


  • She is voiced by': Mamiko Noto (Japanese), Jamie Marchi (English)
  • She is nicknamed Masamune in the original language and Melony in the English language. Both nicknames relate to her breasts.