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Neogenes are genetically predisposed humans created to wield Cloneblades and were given
the name "Cloneblade Sisters". Once they completed their training, Neogenes were equipped with a Cloneblade; all had personalized armor and wielded either an extendable weapon or a unique blade. It is later revealed that the Neogenes were created using the genetics of Tatsuoki Furumizu and either a superior female specimen or a previous generation Neogene. Neogenes that are born in the same generation call themselves 'sisters'.
Cloneblade sisters
Several of the first generation sisters are mothers of the second; Reina Soho, for example is Maria's mother. They were created for the sole purpose of giving Furumizu the "perfect mother" so that he could be reborn as a perfected human.
Dual Blade Sisters

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