Nora is a Neogene and a Cloneblade who serves as Tatsuoki Furumizu's assistant.


She is one of Furumizu's most loyal and reliable subordinates. Cooly arrogant and blunt in her interactions with others, she is very competitive with her sisters and is prone to jealousy. After watching Furimuzu reward Maria's tantrum with a trip to the toy store, Nora roughly manhandles her and confines her to a hotel room after the mentally unstable Neogene loses her temper in public.

With the exception of Furumizu himself, she considers everyone and everything around her as a tool for her advancement. She is also a very powerful cloneblade. Unlike Masane and Shiori, she is able to effectively control her violent impulses while transformed much like Reina.

Reina vs Nora

Nora battles Reina for Rihoko

She battles Reina, trying to get Rihoko. She ultimately is impaled by Reina and is killed. It is worth noting that she sees Reina as her biggest rival as she was by far the most powerful Neogene and it is her personal rivalry that caused her death.


Nicknamed "Spider", she has the ability to shoot needles and entrap her opponents with strands from her hair and three rapier like blades on her left arm. Her cloneblade armor is orange and green.
Nora Cloneblade

Nora's Cloneblade form.