Rie Nishida
Rie Nishida-1-
Gender Female
Occupation Chief Researcher
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Height 5'8"
Bust 24 B
Waist 26
Hip 30
Likes Witchblade
Dislikes Furumizu

Dr. Rie Nishida (西田 りえ Nishida Rie) is the amoral chief researcher of the NswF who is extremely obsessed with researching the capabilities of the Witchblade and cared little for any laws and restrictions that would be placed on her experiments.


She wears a dark blue jacket over her light blue shirt, and a dark blue skirt with brown belt and choker.

Witchblade InvolvmentEdit

She has monitored and helped to create several generations of Neogenes at NswF's secret facilities. Nishida was in charge of creating the fourth generation of Neogene sisters who were going to have Maria's genes as the ultimate mother. She switched her allegiance to Maria because she saw Furumizu as a fool and that they can gain nothing more out of using his "flawed" genes.After Furumizu's death, Nishida is effectively in charge of the NswF since Maria cared little for the day-to-day management of the corporation. With her new executive powers at NswF, Nishida continues her secret alliance with Wado, who by this time is the new Bureau Chief of the Douji Group. After Masane stays with Takayama after his resignation from Douji, Nishida aids Wado in their attempts to claim the Witchblade for themselves. Nishida becomes increasingly fascinated with the Witchblade's full potential, seeing the chance to more fully understand a power close to God. During the iWeapon incident in Tokyo, Nishida becomes obsessed with the cataclysmic energy readings resulting from the conflict and drives closer to the violence in order to get a better examination. Heedless of the risk to her life, she fails to notice an incoming iWeapon that crushes her car and herself.


She seems to care about nothing except her job, and has risked her life to try to obtain more data for certain projects. She is extremely fascinated by the Witchblade, so much that she obesses over finding out more about it.


While she has no notable physical ablities, Rie helped create the Neogenes all the way to the fourth generation.