Witchblade/Elektra is the sixth chapter of Devil's Reign crossover between Top Cow and Marvel.

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Mephisto has come to the Top Cow's dimension, bent on acquiring souls to make himself more powerful for his new home. Unfortunately for him, some of Marvel's heroes have gotten to this world, as well, and they're trying to stop Mephisto before it's too late. One such hero is Wolverine, who quickly realized this battle would be too much for him, alone. Now, with the help of adversary-turned-ally, Sara Pezzini, Wolverine is trying desperately to hold off Mephisto until reinforcements arrive. Mephisto just wants his and Sara's souls... and it looks like he's going to get them...

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Wolverine and Sara Pezzini confront Mephisto, as Elektra, sent by Zoe Culloden, appears. Mephisto conjures a pool of infernal flames which consume Logan, and the mutant disappears. As the hellfire spreads, the Witchblade cocoons Sara and Elektra. When the pair emerge, they find themselves in a snow-covered graveyard.

Without warning, they are set upon by a troop of ninjas. Elektra exhorts Sara to not hold back, and eventually the struggle ends with only the two women still living. They then trek to a cave within which they find a desecrated church. There is a ceremony taking place inside, presided over by a 'bishop' who craves sacrifices. The small 'congregation' turn on Sara and Elektra. The latter prepares to defend herself with deadly force, but Sara holds her back, telling her that would play into Mephisto's hands.

Sure enough, the bishop is revealed to actually be Mephisto. The demon offers Sara a return to a normal life, like the one she witnessed an illusion of, if she agrees to be his bride. When Elektra protests, Mephisto renders her unconscious. However, Sara defies the demon, threatening him with the Witchblade. He teleports her back to her home, to deal with her later, leaving Elektra in his grip. Back at home, Sara ponders about the past events and why she got exposed to them.