Wolverine/Witchblade is the fifth chapter of Devil's Reign crossover between Top Cow and Marvel.

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Mephisto has come to the Top Cow's dimension, bent on acquiring souls to make himself more powerful for his new home. Just minutes ago, he completed the first stage of his plan, taking thousands of New Year's revelers' souls to his new hell, leaving only Wolverine, his agent Zoe Culloden and Cyberforce's renegade team-member Ballistic behind in Times Square to wonder just what happened. But they don't have to wonder for long, because Mephisto has more planned for Wolverine. But right now he's more interested in the wielder of the Witchblade: NYPD Detective Sara Pezzini.

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In Top Cow's dimension, it's dawn, New Year's Eve, and Wolverine and Zoe Culloden find Times Square absolutely desolate; all the revellers from the night before vanished at midnight, part of Mephisto's plan to rule this universe. Although Zoe is confused as to what happened, Wolverine has some ideas as to who did this.

Meanwhile, Sara Pezzini enters the offices of her police precinct to find things are not as she thinks they should be; Michael Yee, who was recently killed, appears, alive and well. Back at Times Square, Wolverine decides to track down the man responsible for capturing all those people all by his own. He then tells Zoe to come up with the reinforcements before it's too late.

Later, at Kenneth Irons' home, which was damaged in a recent battle, Sara is confused to see that everything is fine, but certain details, such as artwork that previously featured only various depictions of the Witchblade, don't seem right as now there's no trace of anything even remotely related to the artifact. There, she meets Ian Nottingham, whom she believed dead as well.

That evening, Sara and Ian go out to dinner, and Wolverine bursts in through a window to confront them. Ian draws two katanas and they fight until Sara tackles Wolverine. They then notice that the other restaurant patrons are oblivious to the chaos. Sara realizes all she's seen that day is illusion as Ian reveals himself to actually be Mephisto. Sara, now covered by the Witchblade, joins Wolverine in attacking the demon. Mephisto shrugs off Sara's blast as he tells her he intends to claim her soul.

Trivia Edit

  • This is a continuous of the story started in Ballistic/Wolverine.