"Logan, they sent me here to make sure their holdings were safe. Right now, I think I can safely say that they're not."
Zoe to Wolverine. [src]

Zoe Culloden is an agent working Landau, Luckman, & Lake, appearing in Top Cow and Marvel crossover, Wolverine/Witchblade.

Biography Edit

Wolverine/Witchblade Edit

In Top Cow's dimension, it's dawn, New Year's Eve, and Wolverine and Zoe Culloden find Times Square absolutely desolate; all the revellers from the night before vanished at midnight, part of Mephisto's plan to rule this universe. Although Zoe is confused as to what happened, Wolverine has some ideas as to who did this.

Wolverine decides to track down the man responsible for capturing all those people all by his own. He then tells Zoe to come up with the reinforcements before it's too late.

Abilities Edit

  • Accents/Dialects Mimicking: Her one innate talent is her ability to adapt her speech and inflection, changing her voice pattern and accent to match her environment, a talent nurtured by Mr. Chang in the Company. A handy talent to have when she is employed for a firm with geographically scattered interest
  • Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Zoe is a skilled combatant.

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